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MMB in the United States

We the Mercedarian Missionaries of Berriz of the USA Area focus our life and dreams as:

“Women of God, prayerful contemplatives, who allow ourselves to be recreated by the compassionate action of God, who impels us to give our own life that others may have life (GC. 68) and like Mother Margarita we wish to continue incarnating our Charism today. We commit ourselves to live the spirit of reconciliation and non-violence that will permeate the manner in which we live our life and mission. (GA 05)

We want to continue giving and responding to any new calls. Through our lives and ministries we want to mirror Jesus: going about our life being open to all whom we meet and trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our Mission:
  • Health care services/ work with the elderly

  • Our Lady of Mercy Country Home

  • Pastoral Ministry

Our communities are found in:

2115 Maturana Drive no. 101B
Liberty MO 64068 - 7985 USA


Tel: (..1 816) 781 - 8202 
Fax: (..1 816) 781 - 8205


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