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Novena of the Sick 

to Mother Margarita Maturana

(Opening Prayer for every day)

I come to ask you, Mother Margarita, to help me to obtain from Our Lord Jesus the health that I need, if it is good for me. You who enjoyed doing good, please pray with me today, begging for this grace which I hope to receive through your intercession. Amen.

“A leper came to Jesus…and begged him for help.” (Mk 1:40)
Lord Jesus, I also come to you in all the poverty of my illness. You know me, as you knew the poor leper that came close to you in Galilee, asking to be cured. I beg you, in his own words, if you want to, to make me clean. I ask this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.

She engaged in an adventure for Jesus Christ which led her to consecrate her life in a cloistered convent, and later to break open the grills of the monastery to go around the world with a missionary proclamation of God’s love to all.

“To Love is my task.I want to imprint onall peoples and all
races the image of Christ the Redeemer I will help you from heaven..” - Margarita Maturana

For favors received through the intercession of Mother Margarita, please write to:

Causa Madre Margarita
Convento de la Vera-Cruz
48240, Bérriz, Spain


(Concluding Prayer for every day)

Mother Margarita, pray for us.
Mother Margarita, intercede for us
Mother Margarita, I trust in your inter-
cession to obtain this grace for me. Amen.

“I tell you, get up, pick up your mat and go home.” (Mk 2:9)
How much I trust you, Lord Jesus, when I hear your words to the paralytic. For this reason I come to you today, like a child comes to her/his father who can do everything. Lay your hands upon me, and if it be your will, may I be healed. I ask you this through the intercession of Mother Margarita, who knew how to take the sufferings of others to her heart. Amen.


“There was a woman who had suffered terribly from severe bleeding for twelve years.”(Mk 5:25)
Lord Jesus, like the woman who suffered from severe bleeding, I come today to touch your cloak, sure that power will go out of you to heal me. I ask only to give me faith to believe always, either if it takes time to have an answer to my petition, or if it never comes. Give me faith to see you acting through my pain and sorrow. I ask you this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“At once the man’s ears were opened, his tongue was set loose, and he began to talk without any trouble.” (Mk 7:35)
Lord Jesus, from my cross of sorrow, I extend my hand to you. You are the one who opens the ears of the deaf and restores speech to the dumb. You have the power to heal the sick. If you want… Please grant me the kind of health you know I need most. I ask this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“Simon’s mother-in-law was sick with a high fever, and they spoke to Jesus about her.” (Lk 5:38)
Receive, Lord Jesus, the prayer of all those who trust in you. Comfort my sick body and strengthen my soul, so as to see your loving motherly care in everything. Receive my prayer through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“… Just give the order and my servant will get well.” (Lk 7:7)
Lord Jesus, give me the faith of the Roman officer, so as to obtain from you, like he did, healing I am asking for. But, above all else help me to understand the fact that my pain and sorrow can be redemptive if I unite them to yours. I ask you this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“He placed his hands on her and at once she straightened herself and praised God.” (Lk 13:13)
Lord Jesus, may I be grateful to you always – when you accept my petition and heal me or when you do not accept it, because you love me and allow me to suffer. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Let my faith find you in my pain and may I continue trusting you today and always. I ask this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“The final result of this sickness will not be death…this has happened to bring glory to God.” (Jn 11:4)
Lord Jesus, trusting in your help, I offer you the pain and sorrow of my illness. May it be for your glory and I offer it so that my sisters and brothers, all humankind, will get to know and love you more. When you wish, please remember me Lord, because I still hope to hear from you the words: Get up and walk. I ask you this through the intercession of Mother Margarita. Amen.


“Lord, you dear friend is sick.” (Jn 11:3)
Lord Jesus, I told you yesterday that I hope to hear your voice telling me: Get up and walk. I also want to tell you that my faith rests in you and my love unites my cross to yours, to form the cross of the Whole Christ, so that it may be redemptive. Now I am at peace because I know you love me and you will never forget me. Amen.

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