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We, the Mercedarians, want to weave with enthusiasm a more just and humane world wherever we are. We are invited to look at the world as “Women of God”, searching for the Light, searching for a new vision. We are invited to perceive the world as God sees it: as one and sacred, as the Paschal mystery on the way to fulfillment.

Mother Margarita’s profound contemplative experience taught her how to see. She knew well how to look at Christ, at His Mother and at the church. These “looks” showed her a humanity that was in need of salvation. And

“From these three glances, at Christ, at His Mother and at the Church, came forth the irresistible desire to become missionaries...” 
- Mother Margarita

Like her, a new vision of God in the world, and of the world of God, will bring us to continue incarnating our charism today. It will be through our presence and activities that will be signs of the MERCY and COMPASSION of GOD, as we try to love the world a little closer toward its fulfillment.

This is why we welcome the desires that we have of LOOKING AT OUR WORLD:

  • With a contemplative, integrated and feminine look, with the certainty that all is a dwelling place for God, who is the Heart of all reality. This contemplative look sees all things of life and of the universe as sacred. It is a look that is open to learn from other religions, spiritualities and cultures.

  • By seeing everything as God sees it: inclusively, lovingly, with tenderness and compassion. We want to see the world without condemning it, but being aware of all the factors involved: economic and political interests that do not respect LIFE nor ethicial principles, thereby excluding two-thirds of humanity. We want to look with a Faith that penetrates reality and makes us capacble of critical analysis, without fear of the truth.

  • By looking at our world with the eyes of the poor, with a look of solidarity.“That nothing human is foreign to us.” We want to look at the world with audacity and the courage when taking risks in opting for persons who are the weakest in society.

  • By looking at our world with hope and openness, in dialogue with the poor, with cultures and with religions. We want to look with an open heart at that which is different and changing in order toi respond in the way Mother Margarita did.

  • By looking in such a way that celebrates life, rejoices in seeing the positive transformation human beings make in the world.

Today, we are invited to give new answers and search with audacity for MISSIONARY PRESENCE AND ACTIVITIES, which reveal the Reign of God, in order to make the love of God visible for all humanity.

As Mercedarians called to live and respond to our present reality, we feel the challenge and invitation to constantly go back to the core of our LIBERATING CHARISM. We want to welcome anew the Mercedarian charism of LIBERATION... To liberate peoples from the slaveries of today’s world... manifested in Violence…Poverty: hunger... Consumerism... Untruth... Injustice... Destruction of Mother Earth......


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