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Dreams of Mother Margarita

Mother Margarita dreamed for her Mercedarian daughters to be:

  • Missionaries solidly formed in the Mercedarian Redemptive Spirit filled with the life of Christ, identified with Him, with His loves: the Father and the sisters/brothers.\

  • Missionaries in love with their vocation and determined to live it to the full.

  • Missionaries who are holy, of deep interior life, dependent on the Spirit, who contemplate deeply the Redemptive mystery of Jesus Christ

  • Missionaries who are enthusiastically committed to the work of the Kingdom, happy to cooperate with Christ in the redemption of the world, always open to new calls of God.

  • Missionaries who live to “imprint on all peoples and all races the image of Christ the Redeemer”, announcing His love to all who do not know him.

  • Missionaries who are committed with a redemptive fourth vow and who live it with joy and self-forgetfulness, without being afraid of any sacrifice.

  • Missionaries who face the Cross, the difficulties and sufferings for the sake of the Kingdom with courage and joy, and who are capable to live in action as well as in solitude.

  • Missionaries who feel with the Church, who identify with her Mission, working and fighting for her in the most difficult places.

  • Missionaries who love and contemplate Mary, Mother of the Church, Co-redeemer with Christ, model of fidelity and commitment

  • Missionaries with a universal heart based on an unconditional love for their own mission.

  • Missionaries with great love for the poorest and most insignificant.

  • Missionaries who are united among themselves by an affectionate charity, prolonging the family spirit and union which made possible the transformation of the Monastery into a Missionary Institute.

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