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MMB in China

Mercedarian Missionary Sisters (MMB) 伯利斯仁慈聖母傳教會

Alternative Names:Mercedarias Misioneras de Bérriz (o de Barcelona);                                    Instituto de Religiosas de Nuestra Señora de la                                          Merced;
                                 Bolisi renci shengmu chuanjiao hui 伯利斯仁慈聖母                                  傳教會; Po-li-ssu jen-tz'u shengmu chuan-chiao hui



Type:                         Auxiliary missionary society

Compiler:  R.G. Tiedemann
Source:  Dizionario degli istituti di perfezione Vol. V, col. 731, 1236.
Religious Affiliation:  Roman Catholic
Commenced work in China in: 1926.
Nationality:  Spanish
Gender:  Female
Fields in China:  Wuhu, Anhui

Background Note: The Mercedarian monastery at Bérriz was restored in Spain in 1860. On 25 May 1930 the Servant of God, Margarita María López de Maturana (1884-1934), obtained a decree from the Holy See to transform it into a missionary institute. In 1926 the first missionaries left Bérriz for the Vicariate Apostolic of Wuhu, Anhui. In 1940 there were 15 sisters in the vicariate, with Mother Mercedes Isasi, superior.

They are now engaged in work in Taiwan.

Home address: Suore Mercedarie Missionarie, Viale Paola 10, I-00198 Roma RM, Italy

Official Periodicals: Angeles de las Misiones. Revista mesual de Misiones Extranjeras, dirigida por MM. Mercedarias, Colegio de la Verz Cruz (Vizcaya). Año I Núm. 1 Enero de 1927.
Additional reports in El Siglo de las Misones XIII (Bilbao 1926), pp. 302-306; XX (1933), pp. 171-173.

Literature: José Zameza SJ, Una Virgen Apostol segun las exigencias de nuestra epoca. Vida y espiritu de la Rdma M. Margarita Ma. Maturana, Fundadora del Instituto de las Mercedarias Misioneras de Bérriz (Bérriz, 1934). 588 pp.
Buscando Almas. Diario de una misionera despedidas, surcando los mares, salve China, adorada en plena tormenta. Paz y Bonaza, por la Madre María Begoña Docho, O.M. (Burgos: Imprenta Aldecoa, 1928). 96 pp. Loc.: B.Prop. D.2.m

Persons Index: Maturana, Margarita María López de / Isasi, Mercedes

Subject Index: Wuhu, Anhui /Anhui /Mercedarian Missionary Sisters /Bolisi renci shengmu zhuanjiao hui ; Po-li-ssu jen-tz'u shengmu chuan-chiao hui

MMB in Taiwan

Due to the social development of Taiwan during these last years, the Church is hoping to see an end to the difficulties in the evangelization of this country. The Mercedarian Missionaries also face this challenge that implies the political democratizati o n process, the ambiguous relationship between the two parties in Taiwan-China, the search for an identity of its culture, the influence of globalization, the gap between rich and poor, the lack of meaning that the young people feel in their lives. In all of this, we the Mercedarians, want to live in solidarity with the people and desire to be signs of the mercy of God through the proclamation of Jesus, the Christ.

We live in this land and want to renew our consecrated life, searching to balance soulheart- body. We readjust our steps listening to the interior call, reviving and nourishing the love of Jesus the Christ in order to be free and joyful women of God. In our ministries, keeping in mind our option for the poor, we give priority to the most marginal ized especially women. We have opted for an ethics of enough.

These are our options:

  • Centers for unwed mothers, abandoned children and youth with problems.

  • Work with foreigners and aborigines.

  • Education, high school and university.

  • Formation, preparing people for life

  • Ministry in the parishes

  • Formation of seminarians

  • Psychological and vocational orientation to workers, infected of AIDS

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