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MMB in Africa

Congo and Zambia

We, Mercedarian Missionaries of Berriz, from our reality and concrete life in the heart of Africa (D.R. of Congo and Zambia), want to look at this continent as God sees it, with tenderness and compassion.

We desire to remain and accompany the life of so many human beings who are suffering all kind of injustices in this African land. These injustices produce lost of values and progressive dehumanization. They are originated for the most part, by the greedin ess for Africa's natural richness.

We desire to raise the awareness in other people to this reality of the growing impoverishment in which a large majority of the African countries live, its causes and consequences.

In the midst of this entire sad picture we want also to encourage and promote the signs of life and hope that continuously emerge from these people.

We work in education, health, with the refugees, and abandoned children... with the desire of opening pathways leading to peace, pathways of hope , humanism and fraternity.. We want to commit ourselves to work for the building of the Kingdom, trying to be signs of LIFE and HOPE.


  • Education

  • Health

  • Refugees

  • Abandoned Children

  • Prison Ministry

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